The Quintessence !
by Magnamentis


This book
is devoted to
the large cosmic
force that is everything
and to all those numerous
people and entities who have
provided significant impulses for
the development of our spiritual minds
and who as I understand it are ambassadors
for the holistic cosmic powers on our planet earth.

Foreword To The Book
And What this is about

Valued Reader. Like any author I really appreciate that you are most probably going to read the following lines :-)

In the "The Quintessence" to which this title excerpt is more or less the preface, I'm trying to put some energy into steering us away from one of the most commonly applied mechanism in terms of analyzing the world and it's main driving forces. Although we shall have to look deeper into this throughout the book, I would like to formulate it for you briefly upfront.

The mechanism I'm mentioning here is that of "diversification" of the whole world, even the whole universe if possible, into more and more, smaller and smaller topics that are always only a part of the whole. This leads to the fact that those who specialize in one or several of this tiny fields, not to forget that those tiny fields remain of course parts of an entire organism, see the world through increasingly narrower points of view and will more and more come up with arguments that sound very sophisticated in the tiny context of their tiny part of the whole, while looking at the whole or at least at the bigger picture will unveil that their limited view and their thus extremely restricted solutions are counterproductive, not to say fatally destructive. One of the resulting phenomenon is well known under the term: "Fallacy of Composition" which means that the conclusion from partial information in regard to the whole is erroneous.

This in turn leads to an inefficient and destructive rivalry between the very narrow minded perspectives gained from that kind of arguments. It also creates a welcome opportunity to things being presented in this narrow context and explained plausibly, without that the so-called Pundit has to fear to much rebuttal and should opposition indeed occur, those arguments will easily be invalidated by the narrow minded so-called Pundit's Pundit status, and accordingly through more narrow-minded arguments. In general, in times of political correctness, ergo in times of extended and officially sanctioned "hypocrisy", such disputes end up with rotten compromises that would hurt no-one really, but no problems really are properly named, let alone any appropriate solutions are offered.

Of course, the true problem lies not in the specialization of the individual and in the splitting-up of problems, cases and topics into manageable sub-areas. The real problem is the fact that the appropriate natural structures are not respected and thus not maintained. The specialist, their specialty, soars over the underlaying integral system, so that the implementation of all kinds of findings is often too much influenced by "special interests of individuals and/or individual groups" from different sub-areas, instead of giving priority to the interests and relationships of the system as a whole. Simply put, small groups of specialists that are driven by their own EGOs, significantly determine the activities taking place, with the close to 100% long-term-risk that the entire system, the underlaying integral system, in parts or entirely is sooner or later going to collapse. There are millions of examples to proof that, but let's look at this one vicariously for many the others:

Just imagine what would happen should a pancreas "stand up" and proclaim with the theoretically correct argument that insulin is necessary and thus is a good thing, would produce a huge amount of extra insulin, leaving out of sight and thus spoil the fine interplay within the holistic organism that is the human body. You probably guessed or already know what's going to happen. Yes the body with that specifically acting pancreas is most certainly going to die. Albeit the underlaying argument was theoretically correct, but practically out of context. Only depending on the conditions and thus the level of resistance of the reminder of the organism, death will occur very quickly or a degree more slowly.

Another example would be people who avoid any kind of sports or even light physical activities and to who any advise from friends and doctors, to see at least to light physical activities, are in vain. Lack of physical activity is responsible or partly responsible for many diseases in civilized societies and increases the risks for diseases like Osteoporosis, Diabetes and Cardiovascular Diseases, just to mention a few.

Now, just as expected, a lazy candidate will start to gather lots of information from various, often non-qualified sources, with the subconscious hope to find reasons not to change anything in his so comfortable lifestyle, freely making use of a saying by Winston Churchill: No sports ! And surprise surprise, thanks to the fact that ever area of human life is split down into the smallest details, Mr. an Mrs. Lazy will soon find plenty of reason for "No sports" They will read about people who have died during sportive activities and/or exercises. They will further find studies which prove and explain exactly to what degree jogging will strain their ankles and they will find other studies that will explain in what manner a bicycle saddle will put their fertility at risk and/or otherwise have a negative impact upon their reproductive organs.

From all this, Mr. and Mrs. Lazy will conclude, of course leaving the overall picture with the not so welcome "pros", out of their account, that they would rather not perform exercises. Naturally, since they usually would not have a pool at home and since the light walk to the public pool again would have a negative impact upon their hips, they as well would rather not choose regular swimming, albeit swimming would be one of the few physical exercises that would not have any negative impact upon any body parts :-) Further on the way home from the public pool one could easily catch a cold due to damp skin conditions.

So our "candidate" will exchange real but small risks and possible but reparable damages with small probabilities, against serious and life threatening risks with a high probability. Further, while doing so, he will until his early death, through his making frequent use of the public health system and his family members who look after him, strain the society far beyond a decent degree. Self-evidently, in times of political correctness and hypocritical altruism, it is unthinkable to leave such irresponsible fellow to their fate. A responsible person who is not seeking excuses in detail-loving details, will, with respect to his own wellbeing and with respect to the wellbeing of the society, recognize the simple truth that any lack of physical activity make ill and will act accordingly.

I don't know whether you already see at this point the full impact and the full scale of the "downward spiral" that is set into motion, even through such a small example. However, after having finished the boo of "The Quintessence" and if you do not belong entirely or not at all to the group described in this examples, the group of people who are permanently seeking arguments for any, no matter how great weakness or error, then you will most probable be able to see the size of the problem.

If you ever have been reading or will be reading my book about "The Philosophy of Numbers", there you'll find the reason why I repeatedly emphasize the term "Ego Control" in this context. Ego-Control plays a major role in the search for sustainable solutions. It should be clearly stated that the ego is inherently of no value in itself. It simply exists and would there be no ego, nothing and no one could survive. Even something like gravity is an example for a form of self-centeredness. I'm using this example because the principle of ego is easier to digest and analyze when it's understood as something that is not exclusively attached to human bodies but to any body in Universe.

What matters is the amount of control over this matter of fact energy through less matter of fact energies like our spirit. This does not mean that human spirits are not a matter of fact, but the strength of the spirit and the existence of a spirit throughout all the bodies in Universe is not consistent, while i.e. gravity is consistent and thus is a universally valid size. Some people have high spirits, others don't, some bodies like some humans have a spirit, other bodies like comets don't, but all of them own gravity, exactly in relation to their mass / energy. I hope that this example is at least able to provide sufficient hints at what we are talking about here. It is not without reason that the Bible calls entities, with a lack of "Ego-Control", "Animals". The difference between animals and men is indeed this very same spirit and understanding, so we need to use our spirit, higher spirits mean more ego-control, to distinguish, to separate ourselves from the animal energy through the power of our Spirit that allows us to control, not to deny, our egos and not vice versa. Anyone who denies this, declares, that we are animals, and further declares all our efforts to develop ourselves as spiritual beings as obsolete. However even this opinion remains subject to everyone's free choice. It therefore should necessarily be a goal to re-install scientific structures that resemble those of the times, when universal geniuses were not only tolerated and recognized as such, but first of all respected and supported.

Structures that would put the relations between sciences and their sub-areas officially back under the umbrella of a holistic point of view. We can find many such examples throughout history. Well known representatives of such multi talents were Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and others. They were respected for their skills in various, often not even related sciences or fields, while nowadays, someone with such or other multiple skills would be questioned in ways like; who do you think you are, something better? Do you believe that you can do everything? Do you think that you are always right? This even though that such a person will have to deal with so many unknowns, so many unsolved problems and so many unanswered questions every moment of his life, that he himself would never think about himself as being specially smart. On the contrary, a person with a wide range of skills and a highly developed intelligence will be conscious of how little he knows, how few things he can move and how many unanswered question still remain and thus how far that the way, still to go, is. If you look back in history is always were the most stupid that believed they could move, change and/or achieve the most and finally were responsible for the greatest disasters in history and/or the downfall of the greatest powers. The last well known example ruled from 2001 to 2009 :-)

Sometimes and interestingly, from time to time the occurring exceptions from this rule, albeit not the only ones, are geniuses who are/were in one or another way handicapped and/or elders and/or with a difficult life, who are neither posing a threat at all or a very short lived threat and/or can be pitied. The most welcome persons for the nomenclature are of course those who are not with us anymore because they are so practically helpless and quiet in their graves. They enjoy by far the highest respect from the "nomenclature". After them, to a significantly higher degree, Airports, Streets, Warships, Airplanes and even entire Cities are named. We should not doubt, that should anyone ever be always right, which of course will never be the case, he or she would be given exactly that dogmatic image described above and thus most certainly be declared a presumptuous charlatan. Jesus and other historical figures, who at least as figures came very close to that state described above, were ultimately all of them liquidated. Nowadays this happens mostly through contender but through physical harm. By doing so the establishment usually is able to hit two targets in one attempt.

The "Troublemakers" can be brought to silence or into some state of "incommunicado" and at the same time the reputation of the troublemakers is damaged or destroyed and thus they can avoid their martyrdom, which has proven a serious long term threat. Too many parasites would have to loose too much, no matter whether it's power, influence and recognition, often all of them, if they and/or there arguments and activities were tested by persons or institutions who embarked upon truthfulness as well as have the Macrocosmos in mind, as well as possess the multiple genius and the knowledge to scrutinize the various arguments of the sub-department of the various sciences in a macrocosmic context. Such a or similar a situation would reduce the value of the millions of parasites of the actual system and take from them the arguments that can nowadays only be questioned by so-called Experts of the same kind and making. ( The goat is the gardener ) As we all know from experience, it's usually the underdog that is barking at the big dog, and that in the aftermath the big dog is often killed by the system because he was sooo.... patient with the small dog but finally had to and knew how to defend himself against the attacks of the little worm.

Exactly like the one who knows something will usually try to explain to those who don't know, while those who just want to be right in the first place, but know nothing or only parts of the whole and feels hurt in his pride ( EGO ), will at least try to disqualify those who really know things better as being dogmatic. As long as our top managers are thinking in quarters and as long as politicians are thinking in Legislatures and as long as the so-called democracies only allow it's citizens to choose between too faces of the same medal, in other words, between two levels, with Switzerland as the only real exception, it is obvious that there will be no basic changes to the system without great hardship. Should you ever ask yourself why the system can go on like this for so long and in the open, the answer is very simple, they are a vast majority and they protect themselves by preventing that too many can gather the big picture. Keep in mind that even an elephant can be easily brought to death by a big enough number of ants or other, even smaller species. In political discussions you can listen to both sides and each side has good arguments that seem plausible. But there are a few problems with that. The First problem is that they make opposite statements, but both seem plausible.

The Second problem is that most often both arguments are faulty and the third problem is that most often both sides provide no practicable solutions, because solution must take care of a system as a whole. Problems cannot be solved from within a fraction of an organism. Not without considering the other parts of that organism carefully and correctly. Unfortunately, the way things are handled these days, as everyone can see, we are ending up in applying patches that patch the damage of the last patches and so on, until there are too many patches and/or they are becoming too large and/or they occur to frequently. Finally it will be the united power of all the patched problems that lead to disaster. The Future will unveil the truth in any case, because the truth is indivisible and facts always come to light sooner or later. We just have to accept that the necessary period of time can last for a very long time and that our life span, in the overall history and development of the cosmos is not of any significance. There is little room for faith here. Faith opens all kinds of doors for abuse and for the application of various psychological & social weapons widely, which in turn build on the great psychological & social illusions.

Whoever really knows many things, will sooner or later come to similar conclusions that lead inevitably to similar views of life, such as the ones of Jesus of Nazareth and many other wise ancestors. Thus we do not have to believe in God because we fear to burn in hell, but we should think and control our egos and behold, the meaning of the ten commandments will penetrate our conscious as well as our subconscious minds even then, should we never have heard of them beforehand. I'm currently working on two other books about the great social illusions and the social constraints, as well as about the various weapons which are used to enforce them, weapons which function mostly on the basis of illusions which are often deeply anchored in our subconscious minds. There you can soon read in great details, what these illusions exactly are, which social constraints and weapons work on the basis of these illusions and why and how these mechanisms are functioning. Every person who will read that, will immediately understand the nature, the functionality and the interactions between the illusions and the social weaponry, as well as understand how difficult must be to free ourselves from the clutches of these mechanisms.

This book should not be mainly about criticism of the current situation, at least not in the first place. I just wanted to put thoughts to paper. Thoughts which "at the appropriate time", together with the thoughts, ideas and energies of many others, could provide approaches to fundamental and sustainable solutions. Solutions that will not be based upon false pretenses, dogmas and force, but upon deep knowledge.

All this is not about making assertions. As well it is not about proclaiming the only and exclusively blessed way that should solve all the problems. No, this is about recognizing the underlaying structural basic mechanisms which were responsible for a so many self-made problems in our history and still are going on with their destructivity and last but not least to name possible approaches that could one day in the future make a large enough number of people freely choose the appropriate results as their basics for their further proceedings. The path to achieve that goal is clearly visible time over time, era over era. I shall not go into details to explain why I think so. This will remain up to you. As I am trying to explain, to argue with details will lead to an ever more detailed discussion, deep into many sub-areas of social life and thus I just want to tell my opinion that the most evolved groups of mankind is by far closer to the target than a comparable social group a few hundred years, no, even a few decades ago.

That means that the charts lines show into the right directions, albeit not in a straight line. Thus there is hope and I ask you too join the still small group of people who think it's not only worth the effort but a must for those who see the way, despite the huge number of booby traps and sophisticated camouflage. I myself find the thoughts of tolerance and respect for other beings very appealing. Only should such thoughts come with conviction and should not come from social pressure and/or anxiety to become excluded from paradise. I have to want it, and not the pope, not my neighbors, not the government and not the Lord. I myself have to be convinced that my fellow human beings, animals and all things in the entire Universe earn my respect. Only then I can act and behave accordingly, without constantly having to overcome my inner bastard. With conviction and good motives the whole process is even fun and is able to provide us with a deep kind of pleasure which through external sensations and influence can be reached on very rare occasions, if at all.

It is self-evidently that those who are seeking nothing but their own advantage by telling others "what one should do" and "what one should not do" will not be amused to see that others have their own points of view. Nevertheless that group is, however, currently a vast majority.

Now let's continue about the content and the subject of this book. In the process I shall try to identify and explain the relationship between the most often separately considered and separately treated driving forces of the universe. The purpose of this, as mentioned, is to make it clear that many things which we observe and discuss separately are at any time parts of a holistic system, and that too issue-specific arguments can be very damaging to the system as a whole and may well be fatal. The fact that mankind is able to self-destruct at any given moment and within minutes, should be enough proof for this statement, even for those who are going to apply the strategies of diversion, that is the main topic of this book, trying to pull this into the world of ridicule.

Only when we are in "control of our ego" and therefore able to subordinate our overwhelming selfish interests and distinguishing neuroses to the whole, and namely with joy, with conviction and not through compulsion or craving, only then will we be able to be liberal and consequent at the same time, as well as lover of animals and meat consumers, and so on.  

However, as long as one group is going to distinguish themselves by proclaiming animal protection and an other group is trying to distinguish themselves through opposite means like becoming wealthy through cattle breeding, this will never work. The problems here are of course not the activities themself, but the underlaying motives and through these moitives the extent of activities, greed and ruthlessness etc. that are responsible for problems like high methan production and bad, respectless treatment of their live stock and thus provoke opposing energies i.e. through environmentalists.

Albeit their motives might be honest in the beginning, this often changes after some time of success and some time of making a living through their activities. Soon many turn into fulltime activists and later politicians with all the known defects of the of the political system. At the end of this process they are, like many churches, even worse than the others, because I prefer a convinced economist who stands by his opionion, over a hypocritical transformed Pharisee who is preaching water and drinking wine and even worse, finances his luxury life by talking a bad conscience into people. As you can see, much is about "motives" and I shall come back to this topic during the various chapters of this book time and again. Even errors and mistakes are forgivable, as long as our motives are pure.

Who behaves like an animal will always remain a prisoner, caught within his own surroundings, such as the celibate priest who, secretly and with a bad conscience, is giving in to his human needs. However, if for example the cattleman from our example above would through "Ego-Control"give up his assertiveness and his greed, his enterprise could deal respectfully with animals and resources and the parasitic animal rights activist, could or would have to look for a more productive activity than to condemn others to shine in the light of altruism and allowing himself a treat by having a good life from the fruits of the work of others. To make it clear, it goes without saying, that not all animal rights activists belong to that group of hypocritical parasites, as well as there are cattle breeders who follow a sustainable line of work.

Some of the most fulfilling experiences are moments of understanding and recognition of knowledge, especially that of important matters. The resulting sensation is called: "To stand above it all" The lasting feeling of happiness that comes associated with it this condition goes beyond any short-term equivalents that were generated by external and most often elusive impressions and that thus are significantly handicapped by their inefficiency. Inefficiency at this point means: "Great efforts for short pleasures with often lasting and dubious consequences."

Suppose we have to refrain something because, for whatever reason, we are at a particular time not in a position to comply with the necessary conditions to fulfill a certain wish. Exactly at the very moment in which we are recognizing that we do not "need" ( a wish is legitimate ) that specific object and/or sensation to be happy, this revelation exceeds by far the feeling of disappointment by the alleged defect and / or loss.

Just a little resume: We are free to wish and fulfill us anything as long as the motives are pure and as long as we wish something but do not feel like "must have it under all circumstances". As soon as we believe that we "must have it under all circumstances", sooner or later the animal within us is going to take over the reins. One aggravating "sub-characteristic" of "must have it under all circumstances" is "must have it under all circumstances now". This sub-characteristic, albeit quite often it is noticed first, will be eliminated together with the parent structure of "must have it under all circumstances", because if I don't need something under all circumstances, I don't need it now neither :-)

Precondition for these effects is the knowledge, as well as the deep and strong conviction, that the development of our soul is the real goal of our stay on this earth and not the collection of superficial moments of happiness and/or worldly goods. Quite incidentally, these, let's call them "profane moments of happiness" occur even though we no longer hunt them down obsessively during our entire lifetime at at the expense of our peace of mind and our environment, more or less as a main activity ! :-)


Excerpt From The Index

Chapter 1.   Cosmos & Energy

Chapter 2.   Freedom

Chapter 3.   Economy & Money

Chapter 4.   Religion

Chapter 5.   Politics

Chapter 6.   Juris Prudens

Chapter 7.   Ecology

Chapter 8.   The Quintessence !

Your Magnamentis Team

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