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Philosophie of Numbers
by Magnamentis


The Number Of Birth

The complete "Number Of Birth" i.e. 36/9 indicates the basic kind and level of energy which is characteristic in a persons life. It represents, metaphorically speaking, the mountain, which someone has to climb during his present life cycle, whereby the first two digits, i.e. 3 & 6, stand for some of the key stages on the way up to the summit, while the summit or the target in turn is represented by the digit on the right side of the slash, i.e. 9.

The target is symbolizing the determination in our lives where as the "Number Of Birth" as a whole is showing us the way schematically by means of way-points. One way to handle our own life is only to the extent better or more or less difficult to go than another way, as we are making it to be.

It should be considered at all times that summits are always higher up and that the way up there begins on the ground level at all times as well. The right way to the target that is the summit, despite of revolving up and downs on that path, is leading us generally up as well as forward to higher grounds in the future and thus is characterized by endlesll and inevitable efforts, struggles, labor and tribulation.

Should you not like that thought, then I have to tell you that the course of events will not take into consideration my and/or your points of view and that while this is so, I strongly recommend that we do our best to face our duties and our fate with the best possible knowledge and awareness that we are able to muster. Like this the course of events, which is life, will become an ally, while otherwise it will remain an invincible opponent.

A wise man or woman perceives his or her life as a pleasure and physical death as a release, each perception at its appropriate moment in time.

It is also possible that you see such statements as self evident, the simple fact that you are reading this makes it even a very probable possibility. Nevertheless you will be surprised about how many underdogs are constantly barking upwards and are trying to pull everything that is above them down to their level and further how many of those who should know better, give in to their efforts or get pulled down due to lack of a stable stand that is knowledge and understanding.

Of those few who are not giving in to this kind of attacks, it is again not a small percentage that is brought down to their knees by the societies majority by means, which are presenting themselves to the society as opportunities, by means that of course are most often directly related to an individual's deficiencies, which all of us do have without any doubt.

Concerning this matter you will be able to find quite interesting explanations and conclusions in my book about psychological weapons and about the underlying illusions that are indoctrinated and enforced by the society as an organism of it's own. A book, which is currently in the process of being structured to make the complicated and interconnected topics digestible.

However, exactly like during the ascent  to a mountain's summit, it is the glance back down to the valleys, which provides further motivation to continue the climb and that is so satisfactory, alone by making us being able to see what we already have achieved up to that moment.

This book and the knowledge in it are meant to be your eyes to get that picture of personal achievement on the stony ways to develop our souls and should enable you to keep this picture in mind, so that you can enjoy the path and help others who are facing similar missions. Go and assist them, teach and learn at the same time, because the exchange of knowledge will help all of us on our own path up and forward.

Often we are becoming aware of the interesting fact, that we are more often than not, teaching in fields where we have to learn and develop ourselves. This is not as contradictory as it may appear.

Just imagine a school teacher in mathematics. Most certainly he is not a or the top mathematician on this planet, but still, while teaching his students, he is able to become a better and more experience mathematician than he was before he started teaching. If we would only teach what we already perfectly know, there would be no teaching at all and all of us would know much less than we do.

Certainly it distinguishes the wise man form the fool, that he is at all times fully aware of the fact that even the smartest among us and even those with the highest possible education, compared to the entire existing knowledge of the universe, are and will always be very stupid entities. There is probably knowledge out there, answers to questions, to which we were so far not even able to imagine the question :-)

The number of birth can to a certain degree be compared with the sign of birth in astrology. This means that the significance is relatively good but indeed very rudimentary. Only general energies and properties can be extracted but I myself still like both of these tools since they are providing a quick and easy, as well as a sufficiently accurate starting point from where explore further.

Compared to other much preciser numbers that will be explained in the following chapters, there are no bad numbers of birth but some variations in quality, which can be described quite accurately as follows: Life on this planet includes the following two major topics:

On one hand there is the profane like: physics, technology, economy, politics etc.! On the other hand there is the wide field of the supraordinate and holistic like for example religions, ( not confessions ), meaning of life, development of the soul ( spirit ), the principles of the universe etc.! Top marks can be achieved only for energies or vibrations that have are taking car of both main topics in a positive manner.

Positive means in this context a successful pursuance of the karma without feeling unhappy or having similar negative feelings like fear from death, starvation, without denying our matter of fact physical state and condition and without misusing knowledge and/or any form of power.

Medium marks are received if one of the major topics is dealt with especially successful without producing conflicts with the goals of the other major topic. This means to be neutral towards one topic while extraordinarily successful with the other.

Week marks would be received for personal success that, directly or indirectly, is achieved through the persecution of those who think differently, self-betrayal, hypocrisy, fraud, mortification, envy, etc.! Energies, which do not allow to deal with even one of the two major topics well, are considered to be week energies.

If someone has to pay with his life, his family idyll and/or with his salvation and personally feels that way and if someone, like so often seen, is trying to overcome his negative feelings with superficial solutions like excessive shopping, possessions, drugs, alcohol etc., in all these cases a person who is recognized as being successful is in fact "NOT SUCCESSFULL AT ALL" but has simply bought one or another good or state and is paying a high price!

One example would a successful business man with lots of money who pays for it with the loss of his health. It could as well be fame that someone is paying for with the loss of genuine life quality, replaced by fake superficial sensations and often by keeping a level of elation with the help of drugs and/or other addictions. Last but not least it could be power, the acquisition of which has cost someone or damaged his salvation. Or it could be public recognition and acceptance that was paid with integrity and lack of truthfulness.

This recital could be continued almost endlessly to no avail because I think that whoever will read this until here, will easily understand what we are talking about here.

A special tragedy with such kinds of unsound success stories is that those who are affected will not become really happy with their "Quasi-Success" while the envy of their fellow citizens does not put their unhappiness into account at all, so that they are being battered from inside by their dissatisfaction as well as from the outside by the impact of other peoples envy!

Such people often come into a situation where they benefit from a full force headwind consisting of envy, competitive thinking of their fellow citizens, without being able to benefit from "REAL" success on the other hand, thus without experiencing satisfaction. A bad deal indeed, isn't it ?

The fact that the unhappiness and the directly connected replacement activities will usually significantly weaken an affected person, will later in the process lead to a, let's call it "structural damage" of the organism as a whole and thus to often unreparable psychological and/or physical defects, often directly followed even by death.

Into this category we can put most certainly most failures of the nervous system, allergies, cancer, as well as general damages of the immune-system!


Your Magnamentis Team

We would like assist you in getting the best and the most out of "The Philosophy of Numbers" !

Should you be an experienced user of "The Philosophy of Numbers" already, then we hope that we shall be able to surprise you with additional and some new knowledge, so that you and the world surrounding you can enjoy even more life quality through the newly won insight.

Please make use of the simple form below to benefit from regular information about new releases and extensions and to receive the download link for the introduction to "The Philosophy of Numbers".

Further you shall have the opportunity to directly exchange information with us, no matter whether it will be to contribute to the goal of better understanding and/or  to let us know about your personal views and opinions.

Right now we are in the process to implement the entire knowledge into one single book. We shall inform you as soon as we are done with it and you shall have the possibility to receive your personal copy of the book.

First Name:


Applied Integrated Numerology By Magnamentis For A Better Understanding of Mankind as well as there Religions, Politics, Philosophy And Fate

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